Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Contract Work 1.

Contract Work.

1) What is it about?
Killing people. For money

2) How is it about that?
Our players are hitmen and women, trying to make a living in a corrupt urban blight where the rich get richer, the poor get hungrier and no one ascends to the well-fed by honest means. That leads to lots of anger and a need for "someone else" to do the killing. If you're playing this game, you are "someone else."

3) How does the game enforce that?
Economics and a strong structural outline to the Job.

Character stats are bought with in-game money, and each one costs an upkeep at the end of the episode. To keep the players focused on the money, the game mechanic is structured so that points equal a dollar value. Players will have to spend money to gain points worth of information, equipment and so on in their pursuit of the job. In a conflict, you compare the stats of what you've bought in a little bidding war to see who wins.

The Jobs are laid out along an outline starting with The Hire; a scene to determine the basics of who needs killing, for how much and by what day. The Job proceeds to The Investigation, when the players try to feel out their target, getting into small confrontations in hopes of buying or gaining an advantage over their target. After enough advantages are accumulated or time runs short, there is a Preparation or planning phase. Naturally enough, Execution follows. Every job has this rough outline to restrain the Game Boss (GM) and to enforce on the players that a quick drive-by is not a Job done right. At least, if you hope to survive for the next one.